His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Mohamed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, issued the Emiri Decree No. (8) of 2017, reorganising Sharjah Media Centre as Sharjah Government Media Bureau, an independent government entity aimed at promoting the Emirate’s media position and developing a media policy that aligns with the rapid developments in the communication and media sector, while forming a reliable new reference for the Government of Sharjah and various government departments in the Emirate.


  • To form a key driver for development and manage Sharjah’s media and government communication sector in a manner that promotes the Emirate’s reputation and status at the local, regional and international levels


  • Developing an integrated system aimed at disseminating a responsible and professional media message, designing a government communication and social media policy in line with international standards, providing a comprehensive database on the media sector and its qualification requirements and representing the Emirate of Sharjah at the media level in times of crisis and emergency


  • Responsibility to highlight Sharjah’s cultural and humanitarian project regionally and internationally.
  • Credibility to produce objective and professional media content that meets media needs in times of crisis.
  • Excellence to implement an editorial policy that strikes balance between the emirate's values ​​and professional standards.
  • Effective Communication to coordinate all events at the level of Sharjah Government and to unify the message of the government communication sector.
  • Creativity to heighten the spirit of initiative among all employees at the Bureau and encourage and attract innovative national talent.
  • Cooperation between all departments and sections to promote teamwork and achieve the Bureau’s strategy.


  • To develop an editorial, government communication and social media policy in the Emirate of Sharjah
  • To provide reliable, transparent and professional media services on different events and activities towards the enhancement of the Emirate's position and reputation
  • To manage the relationship between the Government of Sharjah and local and international media towards the integration of the media message
  • To provide a database on the Emirate’s media and government communication sector by conducting a series of field studies
  • Develop an integrated programme for improving government communication in accordance with international standards of practice.
  • To coordinate with other government entities to schedule major events in a way that continuously elevates the Emirate’s media position
  • To develop a plan for the media management of crises and emergencies in coordination with various sectors and government entities in Sharjah