Sharjah Press Club Membership

Membership Classifications

Honorary Members

Honorary membership may be granted to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of journalism, to Sharjah Govt Media Bureau or to the public welfare. Honorary members are chosen by Sharjah Govt Media Bureau’s board of directors.

Active Members

Active members are those who reside in the UAE, and who are employed as reporters, editors, photographers, librarians, programmers, producers, publishers or graphic artists at radio stations, television stations, on-line news services and daily, weekly and monthly news publications or news services and bureaus located or based in the Sharjah area, or individuals who are full-time faculty members teaching journalism at the university, college or high school level

Yearly Fees:

  • Journalists, Photo-Journalists, Reporters, Editors, etc. = AED 100
  • PR and Media professionals in government departments = AED 200
  • PR and Media professionals in private sector = AED 300

Academic Members

Students and faculty members enrolled in a Sharjah or UAE college or university pursuing an education in journalism or a related degree. They may also be residents of the Sharjah area who attend school outside of the area, but meet the above criteria.