Smart media platform

Launched by the Sharjah Government Media Bureau, the Smart Media Platform initiative seeks to unify media work across various government departments and agencies in Sharjah; it has been divided into three primary sections:

Media Centre

It is an electronic resource or library in which pictures, videos, audio files, logos, and documents of the department are stored.

Media Publisher

The Media Publisher Section facilitates the efficient distribution of the Department's news reports and press releases to over 1,100 media outlets, providing detailed data on nearly 2,000 media professionals.

This modern approach includes advanced features such as real-time tracking of news delivery, scheduling automated releases, archiving sent news, and generating comprehensive reports for strategic media planning.

Media Monitoring

The Media Monitoring service enables a government entity to track and analyse its media coverage across newspapers, websites, magazines, television, and radio, utilising user-defined keywords to assess its presence and generate detailed statistics.