Sharjah Press Club

Membership in Sharjah Govt Media Bureau is a chance to invest in your career, join Sharjah’s most inclusive and innovative forum of communications professionals. Only Sharjah Govt Media Bureau offers you membership in a vibrant community that unites the area’s print, online and broadcast journalists, in addition to public relations, corporate communications and advertising professionals.
Sharjah Govt Media Bureau provides opportunities for journalists and other institutions or individuals involved in the media to meet and learn of new developments, debate the latest issues; and explore our collective past as communicators. The Media Centre serves its members by providing social and educational opportunities, promoting excellence in journalism and honoring and maintaining the rich history of journalism in Sharjah.

International government communication forum


International government communication forum

The main idea behind establishing the Sharjah Govt Media Bureau in the Emirate of Sharjah springs out of numerous tangible realities that are prepared for such a big project, where it is now common knowledge that Sharjah enjoys a high cultural stature. Therefore, the establishing of the Sharjah Govt Media Bureau is a dynamic application of the wise leadership of Sharjah which is represented in the directives of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, which aim at consolidating the cultural growth while perpetuating a heritage for the future that will make coming generations proud.

Additionally, Sharjah Govt Media Bureau will also work on strengthening Sharjah’s stature among the Arabic and international media, where the Centre’s establishment is considered to be an eminent turning point in the process of communication between the numerous governmental institutions in the Emirate of Sharjah and the different media.

International government communication forum
International government communication forum

The Centre will also work on activating the communication between journalists and media professionals from different countries to give them the opportunity to meet decision makers to exchange ideas regarding the most important issues which attract international attention. Furthermore, the Centre will work on encouraging excellence in journalism with its developed capabilities, by launching initiatives and through its pioneering projects in journalism, media and other fields.

What does Sharjah Govt Media Bureau offer you?Sharjah Govt Media Bureau can help you form partnerships with the media industry, press services, educational institutions, community, governmental and non-governmental organizations, in addition to ther parties who are interested in promoting Sharjah and “advancing meaningful dialogue”.

Sharjah Govt Media Bureau will include a number of facilities equipped with all sorts of the latest technology related to the field of media. A qualified cadre will also be supervising the preparation of news. The Centre will also function as the second home for journalists and media professionals who will become members from the UAE and other countries by creating an environment for them which provides them with different social and recreational activities, and the Centre will also be holding many events throughout the year.

Membership Criteria

Membership in Sharjah Govt Media Bureau is open to a wide variety of professional communicators, including -- but not limited to -- reporters, photographers, editors and journalism teachers, and those who labor in the public relations and advertising fields. Membership is also open to college students studying

Membership Classifications

Honorary Members

Honorary membership may be granted to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of journalism, to Sharjah Govt Media Bureau or to the public welfare. Honorary members are chosen by Sharjah Govt Media Bureau’s board of directors.

Active Members

Active members are those who reside in the UAE, and who are employed as reporters, editors, photographers, librarians, programmers, producers, publishers or graphic artists at radio stations, television stations, on-line news services and daily, weekly and monthly news publications or news services and bureaus located or based in the Sharjah area, or individuals who are full-time faculty members teaching journalism at the university, college or high school level

Yearly Fees:

  • Journalists, Photo-Journalists, Reporters, Editors, etc. = AED 100
  • PR and Media professionals in government departments = AED 200
  • PR and Media professionals in private sector = AED 300

Academic Members

Students and faculty members enrolled in a Sharjah or UAE college or university pursuing an education in journalism or a related degree. They may also be residents of the Sharjah area who attend school outside of the area, but meet the above criteria.