Welcome Note

Welcome Note

His Excellency Sheikh Sultan Bin Ahmed Al Qasimi
Chairman, Sharjah Media Council

Welcome to the official website of the International Government Communication Centre (IGCC).

Through the IGCC, we aim to advance the development of theoretical and applied aspects of government communication through building a global knowledge hub focused on this sector. We seek to deliver world-class professional development trainings, and introduce academic programmes featuring different concentrations in government communication.

The rapid changes in the world of communication and the rise of citizen-journalism have resulted in increasing demand for more innovative and impactful government communication methodologies, approaches and tools.

We have covered a wide array of government communication topics during the past editions of the Sharjah-based International Government Communication Forum (IGCF). Now, through IGCC, we will turn IGCF’s discussions and recommendations from global experts into practical knowledge that can be applied everywhere by government communicators to enhance the quality of their citizen engagement activities.

The future holds lots of promise for the field of government communication. It also holds some challenges, given the pace with which communication technologies are advancing. At IGCC, we will work tirelessly to create the right learning environment for government communicators to thrive in their jobs, and to improve the governance of their countries through fast, open and innovative communication.

You can find in this portal all necessary information about our departments, training workshops, upcoming public events, different government communication publications, academic programmes and a host of other relevant information.

Our aim is to offer you a seamless experience, and we kindly request you to contact us should you have any suggestions for improvements in the website, or the work we do at the International Government Communication Centre.