Sharjah Preparing National Cadres for Future Media Challenges: Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi

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Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Sharjah Media Council, stressed that moral values must constitute the main basis of the media content industry, pointing to the importance of strengthening media education in the country, which have become an urgent necessity no less important than the basic educational curricula.

This came during the launch of the third edition of the ‘Ithmar’ media training programme, organised by the Sharjah Press Club (SPC) of the Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB). The third edition of Ithmar media training programme is targeted at students, aged 10 to 17 years, initiating them in the fundamentals and techniques of content creation.

Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi pointed out that the priorities of the Emirate of Sharjah are building national cadres and investing in talents to support the development process. He pointed out to the various programmes launched by the Emirate in recent years to unleash and channelise the creative energies of young people. Sharjah attaches great importance to training and empowering its students and youth so they are prepared to lead the future media revolution, he added.

The Chairman of the Sharjah Media Council lauded the Sharjah Press Club for initiatives like the Ithmar whose successful outputs have demonstrated its importance in spreading a vibrant media culture in the Emirate and training and developing young people to raise their competencies.

He also lauded the SPC’s media partners and other entities for extending their support to the programme and arming participants with the vital media skills.

The third edition of the Ithmar training programme, which is being organised remotely online, features a number of media specialists and experts from Sharjah 24, the popular news website portal in Arabic and English, and the Majid magazine dedicated to children.

The Ithmar course deals with essential ethics and basics of content creation. As part of the training, the media experience of participants is first assessed and reviewed before teaching content creation skills, including photography and presentation.

Ms Fatma Ibrahim, Editor-in-Chief of Sharjah 24, reviewed the principles and ethics of creating content through social media platforms while observing highest professional values ​​and social norms and traditions. She emphasised the importance of respecting people’s privacy and sentiments and sensibilities.

She stressed the need of awareness while selecting information and subjects to create positive content that enhances national pride and a sense of belonging as well as social cohesion and meaningful dialogue.

The Editor-in-Chief of Sharjah 24 addressed the series of steps of creating content through social media platforms, starting from defining, preparing and producing to publishing it. She also explained the ways of measuring the audience’s reaction, stressing the importance of credibility and honesty while conveying information and avoiding the circulation of rumours and false information.

Editor of Majid magazine explained the ways of writing successful narrative that start with an idea and goes through the stages of writing, preparation, production, montage, and finally to the presentation.

As part of the course, practical and interactive training sessions were held for the participants. They were briefed on the mechanism of producing media material and the tasks of various members of the content creation team, including writer, production, photography and director.

On this occasion, the participants also got an opportunity learn about the inspiring media experiences of young children, Salem Al-Menhali and Mira Al Naqbi, who trained with Majid magazine and how their media talent were nurtured and successfully put into practice.

The third edition of the Ithmar training programme featured 23 students who were chosen from amongst scores of applicants received from various schools.

The Sharjah Press Club is constantly working to promote the universally celebrated concepts of media and journalistic work and inculcate them in the young generation through specialised courses, training workshops and other activities that it organises throughout the year.


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