Sharjah’s Mohammed bin Zayed Field Hospital in the Forefront of War on Covid-19

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“Health is our highest priority,” vows the team at the Mohammed bin Zayed Field Hospital in Sharjah. Doctors, nurses and other medical staff at the field hospital have been relentlessly working as the first line of defence against the Coronavirus pandemic, in fulfillment of the UAE’s humanitarian mission that sees the health and wellbeing of its citizens and residents as its highest priority and exploits all its resources and capabilities in the war against the Covid-19.

The Mohammed bin Zayed Field Hospital boasts more than 350 doctors, nurses, technicians and other support staff who armed with rich experience and expertise. Many of them are known for their specialisations and are qualified to provide the best possible treatment and health services according to the highest global quality standards. They have world-class facilities and equipment at their disposal to treat those who urgently and desperately need help against a deadly disease.

The Mohammed Bin Zayed Field Hospital in Sharjah for Covid-19 has been set up by the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company "SEHA" in cooperation with the UAE Ministry of Health and Community Protection and the Abu Dhabi Department of Health, following the directions of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces.


Effective and efficient

Ali Abdullah Al Kaabi, General Supervisor at the Mohammed bin Zayed Field Hospital said, "SEHA" provides its services to the community through its dedicated and enthusiastic employees and is supported by strategic experts who are able to constantly adapt to rapid changes, rise to the level of challenges, and help ensure that needs of all patients are met, effectively and efficiently. Right from the moment they arrive at the reception, all patients are handled with utmost care, patience and offered the right treatment and medication until they are fully recovered.”

“In line with the UAE's vision aimed at establishing a healthcare system that meets the requirements of the future, SEHA believes in being prepared. It continues to play an integrated role in leading the country's efforts to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, as it is a fundamental pillar of the healthcare system in the country,” Al Kaabi added, pointing out that the opening of the new facility aims to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the healthcare in the country.

The step is part of the country’s efforts in anticipation of a possible surge in Covid-19 cases, and to ensure that the needs of the community are anticipated in advance with a high level of preparedness during this critical time, and meet the demand, he noted.

Al Kaabi drew attention to the keenness of various government agencies, public and private entities in the country to combine their efforts continuously, and to work as a single coherent system that prioritises the health and wellbeing of all people and to limit the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Commitment and care

The official stressed that the establishment of additional field hospitals in the country reflects SEHA’s commitment to providing world-class global health specialties, essential services and excellent care for all members of society.

Al-Kaabi added, "SEHA is committed to working with local authorities to improve healthcare provided to all and enhance healthcare processes provided by standardising patient care services, and to ensure adequate clinical capacity, examination and treatment procedures, which are being expanded to include everyone.”

The Mohammed bin Zayed Field Hospital in Sharjah for Covid-19 patients is equipped with 204 beds, 48 ​​of which are for intensive care and 156 for moderate and severe cases.

The hospital is supported by 75 well-trained doctors, 231 nurses, and 44 technicians and allied health personnel. It also boasts a laboratory equipped with the latest technology, a pharmacy and a radiology department.

On behalf of SEHA, Al Kaabi expressed his appreciation to all partners for their valuable support in ensuring that all resources and facilities are provided to the community to meet all its health needs.


Emotional support

Dr Fatima Al Dhaheri, a resident physician in the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, confirmed that providing the best medical care to Covid-19 patients according to international standards is the hospital’s priority. Patients and their families are also repeatedly educated about the importance of adhering to the precautionary measures and social distancing norms enforced by the UAE.

According to Dr Ashraf Salah El-Din, the hospital pharmacy operates 24 hours a day and provides all necessary medication to patients as prescribed by specialist doctors after reviewing the disease history of each patient. Patient reports and recommended medicines and doses are received via a computer network at the pharmacy.

The pharmacy boasts qualified and experienced pharmacists, and the pharmacy has a private room equipped with the latest devices to prepare all the injections, antibiotics and treatments needed to treat Covid-19 patients.

Rawda Salem Al Hameli, a nurse at the field hospital in Sharjah, expressed her pleasure on being part of the nation’s efforts to combat the Coronavirus and care for the Covid patients. She said no effort is being spared to provide the best possible treatment and care to the Covid-19 patients and ensure that patients return to their families in good health as early as possible.

She added that patients are treated according to protocols approved by the health authorities in the country, calling on everyone to adhere to the precautionary measures and norms.

Abdul Rahman Yasser, Patient Affairs Officer at the hospital, reaffirmed the hospital’s keenness to serve patients and their needs as best as possible according to highest global standards. He pointed out that there is regular communication with patients throughout their stay in the hospital, besides informing their families about their health condition and updates on a daily basis. It is important to provide emotional and psychological support to all patients during their stay in the hospital, he added.

It is noteworthy that the Mohammed bin Zayed Field Hospital in Sharjah continues to receive Covid-19 cases in accordance with the protocol for patient referral and in coordination with the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention Operations Centre.

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