Xposure 2018 : New-Age Photography Workshops with Drones, Lighting, & Darkrooms

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Experts like Beno Saradzic, Hatim Saleh, and Colin Hawkins convey industry knowledge

Being a commercial photographer is all about making decisions and being in control of the process. Whether you’re a post-production specialist, drone photographer, or product photographer, the moment you are being paid to do a job for someone else, there is no room for error. Xposure International Photography Festival offers an educational platform for amateurs and professionals to improve their work by learning from the most renowned photographers from all over the world.

Commercial photography is one of the most high-energy, profitable, and exciting photographic niches. As much as this facet is enticing, it is also the most competitive type of photography. The last day of Xposure witnessed visitors ranging from novices to professionals embark on skill-improvement sessions from morning until the doors closed. 

Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom

This was a brief but information-loaded session, where amateur photographers learned to harness the power of these modern digital darkrooms from a master of the trade, Beno Saradzic, a multi-award-winning visual artist, educator, time-lapse artist, and a self-proclaimed gentleman.

Beno Saradzic imparted basic guidelines on how to import photos, organise, and rate them. He also ventured into how to correct photos and edit images as per requirements. He explained, “In earlier times, these processes used to happen in the darkroom, but now the room isn’t dark anymore, it looks more like a computer workstation.”

Drone Photography

Hatim Saleh, the founder of Chopper Shoot Productions, conducted this hands-on workshop, where students travelled to Al Majaz Amphitheatre to practise flying drones. As an experienced aerial photographer who documents the progress of major UAE landmarks, such as Dubai Expo 2020, Dubai Opera District, and Khalifa Port, Hatim taught students of all levels about preparation, take-off, in-flight filming, photography, and landing.

After the adrenaline filled flying session, the students commuted back to the Xposure festival at Expo Centre Sharjah. Hatim Saleh remarked, “I was very impressed with the student’s ability in maneuvering the drone, especially knowing that few hadn’t even used a remote-controlled object before. Xposure is quite impressive and I am glad that there is such a platform that enables and connects photographers in the Middle East region and from around the world,” expressed Hatim Saleh.

Product Photography

Colin Hawkins, who is a professional commercial photographer based in South West England, conducted this session to provide hands-on opportunity for intermediates as well as beginners to enhance their skill in shooting products. He shared with the class the techniques of shooting and preparation, and how to light products in different ways.

“This is a great workshop for photographers who aim to start a small business. I have prepared the course to flow from preparation stage through post-production to the final output,” remarked Colin Hawkins. The session involved students familiarising themselves with professional lighting and other equipment in a studio environment.

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