Sharjah Ramadan Majlis: Use of Technology in Football and Arab Footballers in European Leagues

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The Sports session of the Sharjah Ramadan Majlis held Wednesday night discussed the use of modern technology in football and the professionalism of Arab football players in European stadiums.

Hosted by the Sharjah Press Club of the Sharjah Government Media Bureau, the last session of the Ramadan Majlis was headlined by Ismail Matar, Emirati football legend and international players from the UAE’s Al Wahda Club, and Ramadan Sobhi, popular Egyptian footballer who plays for his national team and is currently loaned to Egypt’s Al Ahly Club. The session was moderated by Ahmed Sultan of the Sharjah Broadcasting Authority.

The speakers agreed that modern technologies in general have added a lot to both football clubs and players, especially in their training that ensures that the player is well trained and is physically fit.

Bugs are part of the game

Emirati footballer Ismail Matar said that technology is necessary to achieve the overall development of the game and footballers. Modern technologies, including VAR technology that assists referees, have both advantages and disadvantages. “Football is complete in its beauty as well as its flaws. These bugs are an integral part of the game now and we have to accept that,” added Matar.

Talking about the evolution of the game in recent years, the Emirati football star said that technologies may change but football and its essential constants remain the same. The most prominent changes that have occurred in football lie in professional ideas, whether it is at the level of leagues in general that are now defined by professionalism and the professionalism of the players abroad.

The Emirati football legend stressed that today there are numerous opportunities as well as immense potential to create more world-class Emirati footballers who can leave a successful footprint in international stadiums. He called on the experienced players in the country to mentor and train emerging talents saying the established footballers have a responsibility to train and groom youngsters. 

Arab players in European stadiums

Egyptian footballer Ramadan Sobhi said that the presence of Arab players in European and international leagues has grown immensely in recent years despite the difficulties they face in the beginning due to the different nature of European leagues. The players’ individual enthusiasm and determination play a critical part in these matters, he added.

Sobhi suggested that his stint with the English Premier League had helped and shaped his football career.

He pointed out that the fans play an important factor in the game of football, as it is a primary motivation for the players, and represents a reflection of the players’ performance on the field.

The star of the Egyptian team lauded the solidarity between the UAE and Egypt in general and their cooperation and engagement in sports like football in particular saying it is an enriching experience of love and brotherhood for both nations.

He also praised the UAE league for its strength saying it has many strong teams and distinguished players.

The Sharjah Ramadan Majlis sessions this year, broadcast live on Instagram, have been marked by a large following and interaction by the public.  The Ramadan Majlis this year also featured interactive weekly contests and attractive cash prizes for the winners.

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