Sharjah Press Club Ithmaar Programme to Spread Media Awareness in Students

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The second edition of Ithmaar media training programme, organised by the Sharjah Press Club of the Sharjah Government Media Bureau, emphasised the role of media education in promoting awareness among future generations and preparing competencies capable of taking on the future media work.

The second edition of Ithmaar programme, which concludes next Thursday, began with the participation of 25 students, both male and female, between the ages of 10-17 years. The programme covers a number of critical areas including media education, print and digital journalism, data journalism, television presentation, social media, and photojournalism etc.

The training progrmme is being conducted and supervised by Dr Ali Jaber, Dean of the Mohammed bin Rashid College of Information and Director General of MBC Channels, Faisal Bin Hareez from Sky News Arabia, Maher Al Johari from Emarat Al Youm and Mohamed Al Kaabi from Dubai TV.

The training programme took the participating students on a virtual tour of the studio of "Good Morning Ya Arab", which is broadcast by MBC channel. They learnt about the basics of television media and all that goes behind the scenes in a television studio including an overview of technical equipment and preparations that the team undertakes before an episode is finally viewed by the audience.

Asma Al Juwaied, Manager of the Sharjah Press Club, said that the Ithmaar programme has once again managed to attract top experts and specialist to train the future media professionals all about the importance of the media and share their expertise and experiences with these select groups of students. The Ithmaar programme is part of the goals to support the efforts of the United Arab Emirates in consolidating the values ​​of national media work for young people and promoting a positive and healthy media culture in the country, she added.

She pointed out that students for the programme are selected in coordination with schools by selecting those who have a passion for media to achieve the desired benefit.

Dr Ali Jaber underscored the importance of media education and its importance in building generations to take on the responsibility of the media. He pointed out that the course trains students how to differentiate between the true and false news and promotes awareness about information and knowledge and their authentic sources as well as guarding against misinformation and fake news.

Journalist Faisal Bin Hareez discussed the art of television presentation, how to successfully deliver visual content and the most important factors for the success of the TV media including the media presence to attract the audience, body language, successful delivery, rapid intuition and the ability to act in emergency situations.

Maher Al Gohari explained to the participating students the concept of infographics, its uses in journalistic work, basic standards and programmes that allow the conversion of information and numbers into designs that effectively attract the reader according to the correct sequence.

Mohammed Al Kaabi reviewed the mechanisms of creating effective content in social media, and strategies for correct interaction with social media to achieve a positive impact.

In its second week, the Ithmaar programme will tackle topics such as digital journalism, print media and photojournalism.

The training programme, organised annually by the Sharjah Press Club, aims to enhance the media talents of students and youth, and arm them with the knowledge of various aspects of modern journalism and media.

The Sharjah Press Club operates under the umbrella of the SGMB to serve journalists and the media sector in the country through organising a number of specialised events and programmes throughout the year, while ensuring constructive cooperation with the leading players in the sector.

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