Sharjah Announces Time Table for Second Historic Elections to Consultative Council

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The Higher Committee for Elections to the Sharjah Consultative Council (SCC) has announced the time table, vide Resolution No. 1 of 2019, for the second historic elections to the Sharjah Consultative Council, scheduled to begin on September 1, 2019 with the registration of candidates and conclude by December 11, 2019.

The announcement of the electoral time table for the second tenue of the SCC follows the Committee's adoption of Amiri Decree No. 3 of 1999 on the establishment of the Sharjah Consultative Council, its rules of procedure and the amendment of Amiri Decree No. 59 of 2015 on the conduct of the SCC elections.

In accordance with the time table approved by the Higher Committee for Elections to the SCC, online registration of members will be held from 1st to 30th of September 2019. The registration of candidates will be held from September 15 to September 30.

On October 9, 2019, the Higher Committee will open the nomination process with the registration of candidates, from 20 to 22 October 2019. The list of candidates will be unveiled on October 27 and will be allocated on 28 and 29 October allowing contesting candidates to submit their respective applications.

October 30 is the date marked for the Higher Committee's response to the objections, if any. The final list of candidates will be announced on October 31.

According to the SCC electoral agenda, candidates will have a period of 14 days for campaigning from November 1 to November 14. The date for the withdrawal of candidates and to submit the names of their polling agents is November 7.

The election for the second tenure of the SCC will last for four days from November 20 to 23 and the preliminary screening results will be announced on November 24, 2019.

There is a period of appeals, from November 25 to 26 with the Committee's response to appeals being reserved for November 27, which will be followed by the final list of SCC poll winners being announced.

The election schedule has marked the date of December 8 for the supplementary elections and 9 December to announce the preliminary counting results.   On December 11, the Committee will announce the final list of winners after responding to appeals, if any.

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