SECDMT approves updates of memorial services procedures

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The local Sharjah Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Team (SECDMT) has approved raising the capacity to offer condolences to 100 people in the suburban councils of the Department of Suburbs, Villages and memorial tents, and 20 people in homes, emphasising the need to implement all precautionary measures issued by the competent authorities.

The team stressed that offering condolences is limited to those who receive the vaccine, with the activation of the green traffic system for Al Hosn application, with an emphasis on the non-attendance of groups with chronic diseases, the elderly, and anyone who has a health condition.

Updating the procedures for attending social events comes in accordance with the continuous evaluation of the data and indicators that guarantee the safety and health of society as a societal and national priority, and an affirmation of the role of society and all its institutions in their cooperation and integration of their roles and responsibilities in addressing the pandemic.

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